Community shop proposal - update

The Village Hall management committee (Trustees) just want to keep the residents of Ilmington informed . . .

The Trustees of the Village Hall have formally received a proposal for a Community Shop to be incorporated into the Village Hall and will now seek further advice on what has to be done to comply with both our governing document and the Charity Commission's guidance and regulations. This is a complex and far-reaching proposal and the Trustees are obliged to take professional advice. 

At the same time as consulting with the Charity Commission the Trustees will be requesting from the Community Shop committee three pieces of information to include: (1) a comprehensive business plan; (2) three estimates of the cost of the proposed reconfiguring of the Village Hall; and (3) an estimate of the length of time such a reconfiguration will take.

After receiving the advice from the Charity Commission and the necessary information from the Community Shop committee, the Trustees can then do an informed risk assessment and cost/benefit analysis for the Village Hall as a whole, and be more able to make decisions on the way forward in the best interest of all the residents of Ilmington parish.

The Trustees look forward to keeping residents up to date with progress on this important matter. 


NB: Ilmington Village Hall is a registered charity administered by the Trustees in compliance with the regulations of the Charity Commission. The Charity Commission has a statutory objective to ensure that trustees comply with their legal obligation in managing the charity. Some decisions that the trustees make are simple; others are complex and far-reaching. Legally, trustees must be able to demonstrate that their decisions are based on sufficient and appropriate evidence. This is particularly the case when the decision has far-reaching consequences. To find out more about the trustees, please click here.